Westfield Intermediate School PBIS

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

The WIS Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) plan was developed by a team of teachers and administrators for the purposes of improving school climate, teaching students pro-social skills, and improving student achievement.

Using a variety of data, the PBIS team worked with the entire faculty and staff to develop and refine a set of school-wide A.S.K expectations: Be ACCOUNTABLE, Be KIND, and Be SAFE.

Each day, all members of the WIS learning community attempt to foster and teach these expectations through modeling, posters or other visual reminders, and positive reinforcement. *



2020-2021 School Year:
Though this school year is going to look different  by starting of remote the community at WIS is still committed to following our PBIS guidelines and incentives. This year we are going to be using a "TEAM" polar point incentive for not just behavior but for attendance. The table below shows how many points a team can get based off the % of attendance in each "class" or google hangout. 

Team Attendance Goals

Attendance Rate %

Team Polar Points


10 polar points


6 polar points


4 polar points


2 polar points


1 polar point

Be present during remote learning!

A reward is earned with 50 team polar points!
The Remote Learning Matrix is a reminder of what students should be doing when logged into a google hangout and during school downtime.

A.S.K. Yourself Remote Learning


Be present and on time for all class meetings

Be focused and present at your work station

Dress for Success

Have your schedule posted

Be an active learner (check your email and  Google Classroom every morning)

Use formal and respectful communication that is appropriate for school 


Remain seated during lessons

Be aware of drinks/food around the computer

Make sure family members know your meeting schedule

Use computer safely, keep it on a flat surface, and be mindful of movements

Use school device for only school activities/assignments


Be respectful of what you post and comment

Use kind words

Help a struggling friend

Mute yourself when not contributing to the lesson

Be kind to yourself, this is hard on everyone

PBIS REMOTE LEARNING 2020-2021 School Year.pdf