Things the adults need to know!!!!

September 14, 2018.

Students were in the computer lab today and we shown how to get on to the online book.

Some of you have written and requested extra copies of books be sent home with our students.  There's no need for them to carry home a ten pound text book, especially when you have on line access.

Log In Instructions to get into Clever (no really, that's the site name)

1.  Go to you portal:

2.  Log in with your Clever username and password

Username is your student ID number
Password - is a password our student chose

3.  Click on Big Ideas Math

Studetns took a quiz on Chapter 5 section 1 yesterday, as soon as I can figure out how to get the new gradebook running I'll post grades.  Parent Portal information was sent home last week giving you access to see the gradebook. 

Mrs. Lyncosky

Opening message

1.  Montly Math Vocabulary

     Our students are responsible for montly vocabulary that is related to math.  It will be sent on the first day of the month and collected on the last school day of the month.  Multiple blank format sheets will be sent home and I HAVE LOADS OF COPIES IN MY ROOM!

Students can find the definitions on


2.  Help class 
     I offer a help class on Wednesday afternoons from 2:35 - 3:15; however, I do require that someone who cares for our student email me

to let me know you are aware that they are staying 24 hours in advance.

3.  Tests and quizzes will happen weekly on Thursdays!  (That's why I have help class on Wednesday!!!)  I am usually in the building by 7:15 in the morning for additional support in case our students need a last minute refresher before an exam. 

4.  Do Overs!!!!
     For our students who have put forth maximum effort and who might not have done so well on a test/quiz I offer do overs.  Our students will have to stay for a help class, see me during a focus block, and show me that they have tried to fix their errors.  When they do that, they can retake a test/quiz.  

5.  Statements we want  to use...

Instead of.....                                                    Say........

I can't!                                                                   I'll try!

I don't get it!                                                     I'm going to keep working!

This is hard!                                                      This will be easier!

I wasn't good at math either.                    We can learn this together!  

6.  Our focus for this year!
     Character!  Confidence!  Curriculum!
     We're going to instill grit in our students!  No quitting allowed!  We're going to work together until we all understand concepts.  Our students are going to feel comfortable to take risks in the classroom!  In the end they will know math, but more importantly, they will grow in their abilities.