Mrs. Chapin's Poetry Challenge

 From Mrs. Chapin

I challenge all WIS students and staff to write and submit your own poem by Friday, March 27. Have fun! Be safe! Stay healthy! I miss you all. 💌
All submissions earn a Mystery Polar Point Scratch Ticket. 

Please send submissions to Mrs. Chapin at
Here is her submission!

First Week
One week without classes
five days without school
the time slowly passes
this just isn't cool!
We miss all your faces
our days go by too slow
we're all stuck in our places
with no where else to go.
You all went home on Friday
with Blizzard Bags to complete
your teachers work from home each day
they will send you notes each week.
Each day we are thinking
of fun things to send you
activities that are linking 
to things we know you knew
We want you to keep learning
to practice and remember
forgetting is concerning 
to every faculty member
So check your email every day
Check google classroom too
Don't forget to go outside and play
the fresh air is good for you!
Mr. Miller reads all his emails
Mrs. Chapin works on her phone
Mrs. Pierce is checking details
Mrs. Bourque is not alone
She's writing to the teachers
She's talking to mom's and dad's
She's meeting with other leaders
She misses you all like mad
We're sorry that you missed out
on taping her to the wall
we would all have laughed a lot, no doubt
to see her stuck up in the hall! 
So while we need to be apart
we hope that you won't mind
if we remind you all to do your part
Be Accountable, Be Safe and Be Kind.