Old Homework

Monday 11/5: Puzzletime 2.1 due on Wed

Tuesday 11/6: No School

Wednesday 11/7: Study for vocabulary quiz

Thursday: 11/8:  None

Friday 11/9:  None

There will be a quiz on multiplying and dividing fractions next Wednesday!

Monday 10/29: None

Tuesday 10/30: Finish C-39

Wednesday:10/23 None

Thursday: 10/25 

Friday: None

Monday 10/22: Make up day-complete any missing assignments

Tuesday 10/23: None

Wednesday:10/24 Finish prime factorization worksheet

Thursday: 10/25 Finish A-16 and A-51- Pizzazz worksheets

Friday: None

 Monday 10/15: Worksheet A-31 or A-37, whichever you were assigned

Tuesday 10/16: Finish the final copy of your St. Ives Poem

Wednesday:10/17 Factor Rainbows

Thursday: 10/18 Finish your Error Analysis

Friday: None

Monday 10/8: Columbus Day-no school

Tuesday 10/9: Fix your miniquiz only if needed

Wednesday:10/10 Puzzletime 1.3

Thursday: Study for your quiz on 1.1-1.3

Friday: None