Marge Thompson

Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's Class!

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Math: C/D and E/F Period

Materials Needed 
A math 1-1.5 inch math binder is needed for notes in class. This binder will stay in the classroom but students are welcome and encouraged to take it home to help study for quizzes or tests or if they need it to complete their homework. Each student should have one notebook dedicated just to math. They should also have a math folder to carry work in.

Books will be given out only to those students who submit a book request with a parent signature. Otherwise, the book is accessible online at:

 Work is done in pencil so please make sure to have many extra pencils with you at all times!

 Homework & Grading

 Homework is given out approximately twice a week. If your student has homework more often than this, it may be because they need to finish up their class work. Grades are calculated based on the following:





Science: A and H Periods

Each student should have a dedicated science notebook for each class and a folder to keep science work in. Pencils are required for all classes. Science books can be signed out if needed over night but must be returned the next day for class use.

 Homework & Grading

 Homework is given out as needed based on the topic we are working on. Most homework will be to complete an activity that was started in class. If a student seems to have a lot of homework, it may be because they are not using their class time wisely to get work done. Grades are calculated based on the following:

Test/Project-10% (Science Fair Project)