Notepad.png Literacy is a 80 minute block which focuses on reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking. During this time students will have a variety of activities and instruction including, but not limited to, whole group instruction, teacher table (small group instruction), small group (or independent) activities, and station activities(generally partnered practice). The format of the class requires students to work on task independently (or with peers) for a portion of the class. As a routine part of homework, students will be expected to read a book of their choice (independent novel) at home for a minimum of fifteen minutes, four nights a week. Students will be given a reading log on Monday, September 16th which they will use to record their nightly reading. I am asking that parent sign off on the log EACH night as a way of checking in and hopefully sparking conversations about what they are reading. Please feel free to support their reading by asking them questions, especially those question that make the student look deeper at the book and find evidence from what they read to support their responses. It is your student’s responsibility to ask you to sign; it is not your responsibility to track the student down to ask for the reading log. If a student turns in a reading log without a parent signature, they will still receive partial credit for the reading. Logs will be due in class each Friday.