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*Blizzard Bag Information- 5th and 6th graders*

Complete the following steps:

1.  Log into the Google Classroom for your class.
Here are the codes if you need them:
A Period-oonfcrh
C Period- g3vpo4j
D Period- wujgb6s
E Period- utkvunk
G Period- dzneqwz
H Period- 55q6u2z

2.  Please click on the "Blizzard Bag" link 
3.  You will need to log into NEWSELA using your google school login.
4.  The assignment and article are posted
5. You may complete the assignment on a Google Document OR on paper!

1.  Go to Google Classroom
2.  Click on "Blizzard Bag Day 2"- there are three sections-- a video, an article, and close reading questions
3.  You will need to log in to Scholastic NEWS using your Google Classroom account

*Please email me if you have any questions of concerns!!!