Andrew Gaylord

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Gaylord

Hello!  I am very excited to be joining team 64 as a Humanities teacher at WIS after spending the last three years at Westfield Technical Academy.   While this year might be challenging in some ways, I like to emphasize using a growth mindset to learn from challenges and mistakes.  I myself have my own new challenge as a I recently welcomed my first child into my family.  Working together, I am confident that we can work through any challenges that come our way.

Literacy instruction will focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

In History, we will be studying different ancient civilizations.

Please feel free to contact me throughout the year at

Important Due Dates

Current grade reports will be sent home Friday to be signed and returned.

Genre Worksheet due 10/2
One passed I-Ready Lesson due 10/4
Stray Open Response Final Draft due 10/4

Five themes of Geography project due 10/3