Literacy Homework

Every Monday in Literacy Class, during Trimester 1, students will receive a weekly reading homework log. Students have a page of directions explaining how to do this, and they also have an example that we did in class. Students should read for 30 minutes each night (Monday to Thursday), and complete one portion of the log. They should record the title of the book they read. Students can read any chapter book. I have offered the students one of my books to take home if they do not have a book at home. I will also be bringing them to our school library periodically, although I have not done that yet. On the back of the record sheet there is a place for parents to sign off each night. On Friday students will bring the completed log to class and hand it in to me. 

Social Studies Homework

Students worked on a personal Coat of Arms in class last week. Students were asked to complete the Coat of Arms and it was due on Monday September 10. Some students still owe Coat of Arms
New Homework Assignment***
Stone Age Diet Form due Tuesday 10-2