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Homework for Mr. Witherell's Classes

Math (updated 10/1/18)
Watch the following videos  and be ready to talk about them.

Monday: (10/8/18)
No School

No Homework

Wednesday: (10/10/18)
Watch the Prime Factorization video from Math Antics
What does he use to test for divisibility?
What is the first thing we notice about 42?

Thursday: (10/11/18)
Watch: Factor Up Song
What do you do to celebrate?
Watch: LCM using Prime Factorization
What is the prime factorization for the LCM of the second set of numbers (not 12 and 32)?

Friday: (10/12/18)
Make sure that all of your work from the week is completed. 


Science:(Updated 10/10/18)

Scientist report. (Due October 15, 2018) This is a first come first serve basis. If you don't commit to someone, you might miss out on them. 


These scientists are already taken:

Salim Ali
Harold Amos
Alexander Grahm Bell
Racheal Carson
Jacques Causteau
William Kingdon  Clifford
Marie Curie
Leonardo da Vinci
Charles Darwin
Thomas  Edison
Albert  Einstein
Richard Feynman
Alexander  Fleming
Benjamin Franklin
Rosalind Franklin
Galileo Galilei
Stephen Hawking
Dorathy Hodkin
Steve Jobs
Stephen Laokos
Barbara McClintock
Maryam Mirzakhani
Henry Moseley
Isaac Newton
Louis Pasteur
Walter Sutton
Nikola Tesla
Wilber and Orville Wright
Frank Zamboni