Homework for Mr. Witherell's Classes

Math (updated 9/23/19)
Complete any missing assignments.

Centers from week of 9/16/19 - 9/20/19
Writing - Compare graphs - Video game consoles and mobile/tablet usage
Independent - The concept of Ratios (Car on page), Find the Ratios (packet)
Spiral Back - Adding Fractions with unlike denominators 
Computers - 30 minutes of Iready (access through clever.com)
Graphing (BC period only) - Waldo the dog

Monday: No Homework (9/23/19)

Tuesday: No Homework (9/23/19)

No Homework (9/23/19)

ThursdayNo Homework (9/23/19)

FridayNo Homework (9/23/19)


Science:(Updated 9/23

Turn in Science Safety Contract

Begin to think about finding a deceased scientist to report on.
People already chosen are:

Marie Curie Alexander Graham Bell
Leonardo Da Vinci Steven Hawking
Bruce Ivins Galileo Galilei
Albert Einstein Aristotle
Caroline Herschel Nikola Tesla
Ben Franklin Johannes Kepler
Isaac Newton Steve Jobs
Thomas Edison Archimedes
Samuel Morse John Dalton
Ann Nardulli Max Planck
Rosalind Franklin Alexander Fleming
Rachel Carson Edwin Hubble
Nicolaus Copernicus Louis Pasteur
Alfred Nobel Charles Darwin
Mary Anning John Deere