Literacy with Mrs. Roselli:

 Please bring headphones or earbuds to literacy and social studies. They are needed for when we work in the computer lab.

 End of Year Lexile Goal is approx. 1050. Students are encouraged to read books in the range 100 points below and 100 points above their current Lexile.


(If an assignment says "if not done", that means class time was given, but, for some reason, the assignment was not completed during that time.)




Find Company Address and write on index card.  Due Friday.
Search words - Your company name + corporate, headquarters, customer service or Contact Us




Read 4x20/log

NOTE: Read for 20 minutes - some students may want to read for 100 minutes in one night. This does not fulfill the weekly requirement as the homework is for students to read for 20 minutes on 4 different nights. Credit will not be given if the requirement is not met in the correct fashion.





EPIC Classcode:

READWORKS Classcode:

Questions: What is the same between primary and secondary sources?

What is different about primary and secondary sources?