Alexandra Brennan

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Brennan


Help Day: Wednesday Afternoons from 2:35-3:20pm (late bus available if students sign up)
Summary: I am the 5-4 Humanities teacher!  I will be teaching Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Social Studies!
Welcome Letter:  Introductory Letter 2018-2019 School Year.pdf
Homework is a time for students to continue to practice what we are learning in school.  It is never my intention for students to spend hours a night completing homework.  If there is ever a time your child is struggling to complete a homework assignment, please have him or her write a note stating that it was worked on for a while, and that he or she stills needs some clarification on the topic in order to complete it.

** If your child is absent, he or she is still expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes and complete an entry on the Reading Log for the days that he or she missed.  The reading log will be due when the child returns back to school and is given a few days longer to complete it.

-Literacy: Every night students will be expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes and keep a log of what is being read.  Every week students will be expected to complete a Reading Log that needs to be signed by a parent/guardian.  It is due on Fridays.
-Social Studies: Every other week, students will be expected to complete a Current Events paper.  Students will have to find an article that interests them and complete a one sided reflection paper. It will be given out every other Monday and be due the following Friday.

Grades will be available for viewing on PowerSchool.  This is a system that is new for fifth graders, and we are all adjusting to the differences between the Standards Based grading that we were accustomed to at the Elementary Level.  We all appreciate your patience as we continue to learn about the workings of this computer based grading program.  

Please note that most classwork grades including Do Nows and Centers are graded out of two points with the Classwork category which is weighted at 20% of the final grade.  Students will have multiple grades per week in this category, and therefore students should not be too alarmed when they receive a check or check minus on a classwork assignment.  I would encourage students to be sure to answer the question on the Do Nows completely, and make sure to get right to work on the center expectations to ensure that all the work is being completed.

If there is ever a question about grades, please feel free to email me.

Important Dates to Remember: 
* Wednesday, September 26th - Open House