Homework is given Monday-Thursday.  Homework is also recorded in your child's agenda. It is your child's responsibility to record the homework in the agenda each day they are in class. Upcoming tests and project due dates are also recorded in the agenda.

PLEASE have your son/daughter practice their multiplication facts!

9/10 Math worksheet 1-3 odds only

9/11  Math worksheet 1-4 all

9/12 Pages 44 and 45 of packet

9/13 1-5 

9/14 No homework

Topic 1 Test is Tuesday, September 18

9/17  Writing decimals as fractions/fractions as decimals review

9/18 Topic 1 TEST

9/19 2-1 mental math.  Students can try to do the math mentally, but writing the problem out and completing it is always ok

9/20 2-2 Rounding whole numbers and decimals