Mrs. Donnelly
Snow day makeups i.e. Blizzard Bag - ELS -Math Fifth and Sixth grade
30 minutes of IReady math for  each snow day over the 5 days allotted for the year.
For example: if we make up just two snow days then the students owe me one hour of IReady.

Weekly Homework Expectations for Math ELS Grade 5 and 6:

Homework I-Ready - 15 minutes a night or an hour a week
From February 1- June 15th.

How does logging in to a Chromebook work?

Students can log into Chromebooks through Clever in two ways: Clever Badges or Google email addresses.

How do students use Badges with Chromebooks?

Students open their Chromebooks, click a blue button, and the camera activates. 
Students hold up the Badge to the camera.
Students are automatically logged in to the Chromebook and brought to their Clever Portal.
In the Portal, students can click to enter any application.

How do students use Google emails with Chromebooks?

Students open Chromebooks and type their Google email address and password.
Please note: using Google email addresses for Clever requires some initial setup by the district administrator on the Clever account.
After logging in, the Clever Portal is automatically displayed, and students do not need to log in again.
Students can click to enter IReady

Students were given instructions and badges to log in at home