Team 51 School-Home Connection for Math

Place Value
Dear Family,
Your child is learning about place value for very large numbers up to a billion and for decimals with digits in the thousandths place. Each child is learning to compare, order and round these numbers. To do all this, your child must understand the concept of place value.
You can expect to see work that provides practice in place value with whole numbers and decimals, and comparing and ordering whole numbers to the millions and billions.
Mrs. Hardy

Dividing  by 2-Digit Divisors

Dear Families,
In this chapter, your child will take division of whole numbers a step further. He or she will learn how to divide any whole number by a two digit divisor. In order to do this, your child must understand how to divide multiples of ten. Certain skills such as estimation, substitution, finding one- and two digit quotients, and dividing greater numbers will be learned and practiced.
Here is an activity that you can do with your child to help him or her learn about dividing two-digit divisors,

Right on Target

Paper, pencil, timer

Step 1:   
Each player writes a four- digits number on a piece of paper and passes it to the person on his or her left. If there are two players, just exchange sheets.

Step 2:    Players use the number they are passed as a dividend for a division problem.

Step 3:   Players will have one minute to find a divisor that will yield a quotient near 90.   Encourage you child to round the dividend to the nearest hundred. Look for basic division facts
he or she recognizes and use patterns to solve.

Step 4:  Repeat with other four-digit dividends,