Good morning,
I hope to see you all via Zoom at 11:00 this morning. Check your email for a link.
1. Continue along in your iready reading path.
2. Continue with your journal entry for the day.
3. Read my cow caption. (Thinking of you, Rauri.) Please take a photo or upload a photo and write a caption. Remember a caption is different from a title. It should be a few sentence explaining the graphic. Read my example. You can share it to me in google docs or here.
4. Read the excerpt from "Black Beauty" and answer the questions. The questions today are practice.
5. Continue along with your silent reading chapter book for a minimum of 20 minutes.
You can find this in google classroom.
Mrs. Tudryn

Social Studies
Please log into BrainPOP.
Our user name is :WISPolarbear
Password is: PAWS1234
Here is a short tutorial if you are having trouble :https://youtu.be/GauVdZiJnAs done very well by the other Mrs. Tudryn.
Please check out the Causes of the American Revolution movie and quiz under US History. It should be a different one. Don't worry, it is not graded as a real quiz would be.

Mrs. Tudryn